Is Fitbit Versa 3 worth it without premium? (2024)

Is Fitbit Versa 3 worth it without premium?

So, for anyone looking to keep tabs on activity, sleep and their heart, the Versa 3 has more than enough metrics – even without a Fitbit Premium subscription – to help you stay on track. Of course, if you do need more data, then signing up for Fitbit Premium may be necessary.

Can you use Fitbit Versa 3 without subscription?

Yes, you can use a Fitbit device without a premium subscription. Fitbit offers basic features and functionality without the need for a premium subscription. However, some advanced features and personalized insights are available exclusively to premium subscribers. 1.

Can you answer messages on Fitbit Versa 3?

Respond to messages (Android phones)

Respond directly to text messages and notifications from certain apps on your watch with preset quick replies or by speaking your reply into Versa 3 . Keep your phone nearby with the Fitbit app running in the background to respond to messages from your watch.

Can I answer calls on Fitbit Versa 3?

Please note you cannot make calls directly from your watch, however, if paired to an iPhone or Android (8.0+) phone, Versa 3 lets you accept or reject incoming phone calls. If your phone is running an older version of the Android OS, you can reject, but not accept, calls on your watch.

Do I need Fitbit premium for Versa 3?

Think of Fitbit Premium as a way to unlock all the features your Fitbit wearable has to offer; if you want to make the most of your Sense, Versa 3 or Charge 5, you'll need Premium.

Do I really need the Fitbit subscription?

What to Know. The Fitbit app is free to use, but Fitbit Premium adds additional features to the tracker. You can pay for Fitbit Premium on a rolling monthly basis or per year. Fitbit devices don't need a constant data connection to work, but it's helpful if you need to check in regularly.

What does Fitbit do without subscription?

The software on the free Fitbit app provides everything you need for basic health and fitness tracking and does not require a subscription. However, if you want to unlock certain features on some Fitbit models, and get even deeper insight into your health, upgrading to Fitbit Premium is worth considering.

Why am I not getting texts on my Versa 3?

Check your Bluetooth connection

The connection between your phone and Fitbit device dropped. If you have an Android phone, make sure Enable Notification Widget is on. You can find this with the other notification settings in the Fitbit app. Make sure the Fitbit app is allowed to run in the background on your phone.

What is the best Fitbit for a woman?

Best overall: Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit's flagship, the Sense 2, nails everything a quality fitness tracker should be. It offers a variety of activity tracking and useful fitness insights; tracks sleep, stress, and menstrual cycles; and has built-in GPS and a battery that lasts around five to six days on a single charge.

Which is better a Fitbit or an Apple Watch?

Apple definitely has more extra features than Fitbit, which makes sense, given the higher average price. In addition to health and activity tracking, every Apple Watch model offers notifications, alarms, timers, an expansive app store, phone calls, music, text, Siri, and much more.

Which Fitbit watch can answer calls?

"Fitbit Versa 3 has even more smart features to add convenience to your day, including a built-in speaker and microphone to take quick phone calls, send calls to voicemail and adjust call volume - all from the wrist." Note that it works like a bluetooth headset.

What is the difference between Fitbit premium and free?

The free Fitbit app has tools for you to track your habits and insights that show you the big picture of your health & fitness journey. Fitbit Premium takes it one step further by offering personalized guidance, deeper insights and inspiration for you to live your healthiest every day.

What is the best alternative for Fitbit Versa 3?

The Garmin Venu Sq 2 is a great replacement for a Fitbit smartwatch. Not only do they look similar, but the Venu Sq 2 has way more fitness features, long battery life, and no subscription. The $250 Garmin Venu Sq 2 is the watch I recommend for anyone looking to replace their aging Fitbit Versa 2 or 3.

How do I get Fitbit Premium free?

I'd like you to ensure that you're not a Premium subscriber at the moment, then confirm you're following this procedure to start your free trial: If Fitbit Premium is available in your region, you'll see a Premium tab in the Fitbit app. Tap the Premium tab. Read the overview, and tap the button to get started.

What is the monthly fee for Fitbit?

Fitbit Premium costs $9.99/month in the US, or $79.99 a year. In the UK, Fitbit Premium costs £7.99/month or £79.99 a year. Premium is available to any Fitbit user via in-app purchase. You can also sign up on the Fitbit website.

What's the point of Fitbit?

What can they track? Fitbit devices track a variety of data related to your daily physical activity. This data varies depending on the device, but almost all of them track your daily steps, distance, calories burned, and sleeping activity.

Does Fitbit count your steps?

Fitbit devices have a finely-tuned algorithm for step counting. The algorithm is designed to look for intensity and motion patterns that are most indicative of people walking and running. When working at a desk, cooking, or performing other activities with arm movements, a device on your wrist may add some steps.

Can I use my Fitbit without the Fitbit app?

Does Fitbit work if I'm not logged in to the Fitbit app? No, Fitbit will not track your steps unless you are logged into the app. How long does my phone store data? Your phone always stores data for the last seven days (including today).

Does Fitbit track blood pressure?

Fitbit and Blood Pressure Monitoring

While Fitbit offers a wealth of health monitoring features, it's important to note that traditional blood pressure monitoring devices remain the gold standard for accurate readings. Fitbit does not directly measure blood pressure, but it utilizes other metrics to estimate it.

Why isn't my Fitbit vibrating when I get a text?

Swipe down to see your notifications. If paired to an Android phone, your Fitbit watch or tracker can alert you to notifications at any time: From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the account icon > your device image > Notifications. In the Vibration Settings section, turn on the Always Vibrate option.

Can seniors get a free Fitbit?

Plus, many Medicare Advantage plans include covered fitness benefits providing free or subsidized Fitbit devices to their members, while others offer benefits that include dollars to spend on over-the-counter (OTC) products, which increasingly includes Fitbit devices in the catalog.

Is Fitbit being discontinued?

Recently, Google has discontinued Fitbit products in many countries, and despite promising to make fitness “more accessible to more people,” Google has only released one new Fitbit-branded product in 2023.

Is Google killing Fitbit?

It's not a surprise to see a big company buying a smaller one just to extract the good ideas, unfortunately, that is what happened with Fitbit. Apparently, the brand will lose its relevancy, while Google will incorporate all of Fitbit's legacy into its own Pixel lineup.

Why should I get an Apple Watch instead of a Fitbit?

The Apple Watch build quality is at least 200 times better than any Fitbit. Battery life is over 2 days. I can track my sleep, compete with friends, HR, steps, etc.

What is the most basic Fitbit?

Fitbit Inspire 3

If you're new to fitness tracking, the $99 Fitbit Inspire 3 is the ultimate entry-level activity band and the best Fitbit for you. For a third of the cost of the company's smartwatches, the Inspire 3 gets basic health metrics, automatic workout tracking and accurate sleep insights.


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