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The Quest Reward

Title: The Quest Reward

Series: The Quest - Book - I

Summary: After many life times of work an old and powerful Harry finally get's his reward

Author: Zxandris

Beta: Lonewolf33

E-Mail: Zxandris


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Crossovers included in this story are also covered by the above disclaimer.

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Rating: MA


Created: 01/01/1990

Word Count: 128,715

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Authors Notes:

So this is an oddity. It's got similar crossovers to my usual line up, nothing new there. But how I handle them is a bit different. The Harry is insanely powerful, though he will rarely show that. You'll probably understand that as you read the prologue. This IS an erotica and I don't mean that lightly, but it takes a while to get going and will have periods with no sex at all.

It's also a harem story, and thus parts of the relationships are slightly OOC for the characters involved.

He's also got a bit of a dominance with women that's a little unusual, but he's no where near a classic dom. either.

This is entirely AU actually, you'll get it as you read the prologue it is after all there to set the scene. Anything I crossover will be very AU. Relationships you like will likely be broken up especially the canon ones, even if they start canon.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Crossovers included in this story are also covered by the above disclaimer.

Little Whinging,
Surrey, England
Earth - Omega Tau - 3billion.

People often say 'Fate's a Bitch', but even bitches have soft spots. Now the young man in question currently didn't think that he would be anything of the sort. After all he'd just led an ill-fated run on the ministry, nearly got his friends killed and had certainly got his beloved godfather killed. He considered that entire thing his own fault and was close to being dangerously depressed. Then of course, since life liked to kick him in the balls his well meaning but sometimes dotty Headmaster had told him exactly what they had been protecting down there. Namely the contents of a prophesy detailing Voldemort's potential downfall. Now of COURSE, this was down to him, and on top of him losing the last real link he had with his family.

So right now, Harry Potter was cursing fate. Only this wasn't the first time this had happened, now it surely felt like it to Harry. In fact, it had happened billions of times before, all starting with the very first Harry Potter in what was a real multi-verse of possibility. This covered things like Harry winning, losing, and in some cases being so terribly warped he was far more of a threat than Voldemort was thought to be on his best day. Because Harry was a young man with a whole pestle of destiny behind him, in fact one could say he was somewhat favored by Fate.

Worse still he stood before Voldemort and his real end game and that was something that generally none of the really big players wanted to happen in any universe. That is to say, Wizarding Britain was only the beginning and magic itself was at stake. Wizards didn't give much thought to what they really had, but there was a lot of power there, in fact magic was a true multi-cosmic force that existed everywhere and pretty much held the entire thing together. In theory if one were to figure out how you could taint all universes at the same time by tainting magic. This is what would happen to magic if Voldemort won and eventually set his sights...higher. So even in the evil Harry universes it was generally accepted that Harry who even evil LOVED magic was better than what would happen if Voldemort got his chance to expand his horizons.

The loss of life was occasionally extreme, and in some Harry became a master of the universe. So, you can see the stakes were insane high, trillions upon googleplexes of beings would be affected by magic being changed. So yes, Fate had a favorite to stop that sort of thing and generally was backed in her choice by the real players of the multi-verse.

So, while this Harry had cried himself to sleep silently, his scene shifted - at first he thought it was a wild dream, then the beautiful redhead changed his mind and offered him a choice.

This choice had been offered uncountable times, to so many Harrys and generally they choose to go to another more peaceful universe and carry on their lives, becoming great adventurers, minds and usually great husbands or wives in a few fairly rare cases. Harry Potter, whatever the gender, was an adventurous spirit who never took the option to go straight to go and get his 200 bucks, and be with his family in the afterlife, he wanted to help people and live his life the way he felt his parents would want him too.

Fate, by this point, could tell which Harry would choose which, and while this was a rather maligned and somewhat beaten up Harry, he too wanted to take that option. Of course, a rare few didn't choose wanted to take over and run the universe. That was fine, she still sent in her ace in the hole anyway, but he ended up taking down TWO bad guys. But this really was much easier, and this time was particularly special though she hadn't told her champion that yet.

There was one Harry that had started it all really, not all universes ran to the same time scale, or speed, so there had been an 'original' Harry. He had won decisively, in fact he had curb stomped the evil bastard. Fate had offered him an offer of an eventual reward too, but he'd nearly ripped her hand off at what he'd actually be doing.

Beat Voldemort, that was his game, this was what he did, occasionally he had to do so much more, including at times rebuild the entire Wizarding government. Though, not this time. He had got terrifyingly good at it and she honestly wasn't expecting this to take long.

This Harry had just turned 16, the original had been 14 when he trounced his Voldemort. His age now was truly incalculable. He got to keep the power, knowledge and skills he picked up each time he did this, so he got increasingly knowledgeable, powerful and skilled. Not every time was easy, in fact the first few times had been on the skin of his teeth. The Voldemorts were not as varied as Harry was in the Multi-Verse, which is why they had to be eradicated, but some were indeed harder to deal with, some a little smarter and more powerful, or just plain craven. Those being the most dangerous and the ones she had wanted dealt with quickly and first. In general, it had gotten easier with each repetition for that reason, but talk about baptism by fire.

For all the impact it had, the being that arrived just in time to inhabit Harry's briefly lifeless body, had little in the way of lightshow. Considering the exceptional levels of ability and sheer power one might expect at least a tremor, a hard landing of all that weight of experience could be almost assumed.

What happened was that the body briefly stopped breathing, then after a couple of seconds it picked up a steady rate again.


... Nothing.

... Not for a while, it took a moment to assimilate 16 years of a life after all, adding that to the collective experiences and knowledge of the many other times he had done this. Nothing terribly horrible he noticed immediately. That was good, though the Dursleys perennially sucked, that was almost a given at this point. No super manipulative or evil Dumbledore. Those sucked, after all the man was old and wily and had made a pretty horrible enemy at times, he was more a dotty old grandfather here, he liked those.

The entire world wasn't manipulating or betraying him, so all told that would all be quite peaceful and while Fudge was incompetent, it was just run of the mill peacetime Minister out of his depth stupidity, outside of living in Malfoy's pocket.

He smiled finally, then his eyes opened. Age, power, perhaps not exactly wisdom but a heck of a lot of experience of hard times showed in glowing Emerald eyes, he glanced at the barely functioning Alarm clock, then smirked. Turned over and went back to sleep.

Privet Drive,
The Next Day

Harry opened the cupboard under the stairs and smirked at the sight of the dreadful Dursleys all packed inside. "Magic, it's a marvellous thing isn't it. How you three can all fit in here that barely fitted me when I was a child."

"You just wait Boy" Vernon sputtered.

Harry tilted his head and waited, "Go were saying. Did you think that phrase would magically do something? Oh, I know you're waiting for the ministry to charge this place because I used magic to squeeze your arses in there?, that's not going to happen. That wasn't even magic they could trace, which is entirely of no import since my magic is entirely untraceable. Just something I picked up in a particularly rotten place I visited. Rather like that tiny cupboard you saw fit to lock me so many times until I was 11 years old. No real human comfort, no care, no concern and often going without meals for days, sometimes longer. I know you hate me for being magical, but only because I am did I survive the sh*t you lumped on me in those years. All that time I sort of wished I could show you what it was like. Guess what!? Now I can, I'm going to shut this door, then I'm going to lock you in. Then I'm off, I should perhaps warn you the space expansion you're enjoying right now may very well wear off, but oh well!" Harry said brightly, then didn't let his uncle, aunt of even cousin have any word before he shut the door. He made a twisting motion of his wrist and all the locks slammed shut and locked.

He wore a smirk, then walked to the living room door, closing it, then mumbled, tracing the outline of the door. It glowed briefly then he opened it onto a park, it was sunlight, a great looking day actually and he took a moment. He'd already freed his owl, told her to go to Hermione, he didn't even need a wand by this point...nope he didn't give a flying f*ck for anything else. So he walked through the door which slammed shut behind him, then jolted back on its hinges opening again only this time it showed the living room it should've always pointed to.

Malfoy Manor,
Two Weeks Later

Harry breached the ward line, adjusting his personal cloak so that he passed them without any notice of the wards at all. At his sides were quite frankly terrifying creatures. Long agile bodies, strong carapace that was bullet proof, long heads with a drooling maw filled with metallic teeth and if one were brave enough to look inside you'd see another set of teeth set on a stalk with the muscle power to drive that set of teeth through armor and a man's skull. The more SciFi savvy would know them as Xenomorphs' from the Alien franchise, brought to life by a combination of exceptional transfiguration and a certain image led conjuring. Only these were completely loyal to him and him alone. They were exceptional hunters, quite horrifically good at it actually, though usually for the sole purpose of spreading their kind, these would turn all that genetically engineering instinct to Harry's aims. He had twenty of them silent by his side, their own sign of passing was a certain amount of somewhat acidic drool ruining the pristine grounds of Malfoy manor.

He felt he'd need, maybe 2, and that was just in case. But Harry didn't believe in the word overkill.

In the last two weeks, since he basically knew where they all were, he'd destroyed Voldemort's Horcruxes, these essentially being soul containers that kept him chained to that level of existence. Turned out Xenomorph Blood was as effective as Basilisk venom on those things. He'd even healed the Xenomorph to no ill effect on account of them being crazily tough bastards.

Voldemort was now mortal but for one more horcrux, Harry had literally AK'd himself in the head to get rid of the one in local Harry's head, he'd been hit with far worse after all and was quasi-immortal part of the deal.

A dark smile lit his face, he loved this sh*t, he lived for this sh*t. He'd come to actually rather enjoy it. Though this universe didn't seem to offer any unique challenges which was a bit of a bummer, it was rather pro-forma actually, the Dumbledore was nice, Hermione was his BFF and Ron was...well Ron was actually pretty consistent and very rarely was he malicious, the Weasleys weren't involved in some scheme to steal his money or his sperm, actually even the Dursleys were just the normal kind of child abusing f*cks, nothing compared to some of the cluster f*cks he'd dealt with.

But this, the final battle - it was the best part!

Given the stakes, he had free reign to get creative, do what it took to take out Voldemort. He'd long ago learned of the importance of why he had to do it. In some universes he felt like he could see why, in others it was like...nahhhhh.

This one was, meh!

He strolled with impunity towards the unaware Malfoy residence that dark smile sitting in residence on his face. It was usually fun to f*ck with them a bit and he had a few plans on that.

Lucius Malfoy's Private Office,
Malfoy Manor
A Little Later

Lucius Malfoy went to his inner sanctum, opening the door, turning to close it silently behind him. He was hosting a guest that while of course he was honored, well - he wasn't the master of his domain and it grated. Then he turned back and came to a stunned stand still.

He saw odd...creatures sat on his furniture, the two by the fire were drinking his private stock of Fire Whiskey, four were playing cards, and for the life of him he couldn't understand how they were holding the cards in their vicious looking claws. One was sat behind his desk dribbling ink from a quill in some kind of rudimentary drawing. It defied his imagination as to how this was happening. It didn't help that they were sat and acting human and clearly weren't, some dirty unknown magical creatures in HIS office and personal sanctum.

Despite the oddly domestic incredulity of the scene he was incensed, he drew his trusty wand and was about to cast his worst when suddenly something wet fell on his shoulder. He put his spare hand to it and looked at what appeared to be perfectly clear viscous liquid. "Ewww" he noted then looked up. There was another somehow holding the wall above the door effortlessly, he looked up into shining metallic teeth, which opened and then another set slowly started to elongate out.

A terrible chattering filled the room, he looked in horror as the odd domesticity was gone and now those frankly terrifying creatures were now all stalking towards him long tails lashing, which he noted serrated edges running down the length.

Then he didn't have time to scream, at first, when they ALL leapt at him. Suddenly he was assaulted from all sides, those inner jaws snapped out, piercing his body over and over again, and yet hitting nothing too vital, but hurt, and bled. That's all he knew in those next horrible moments, then finally one set, the set above him hit something very vital.

There was an arterial spray of dark red blood running up the regency wallpaper, then Malfoy dropped like his strings were cut and they all leapt on him in a feeding frenzy. That is to say...LIKE...a feeding frenzy, they didn't eat him they just liked to kill, and make a mess. This they did, the entire office was bathed in red in a very short time, then suddenly they all looked up as one. They almost pricked their ears, had they any, and shot off through the still open door. Behind them was a twitching corpse.

This scene was repeated many times over the manor in the next few minutes. They were viciously fast, and a bit more efficient from that point on from their telepathic connection with their master, their king. In no more than ten minutes the entire manor was devoid of life 'cept for a single room.

Ball Room,
Malfoy Manor
Fifteen Minutes Later

It was perhaps ignominious that it was the fearsome Bellatrix LeStrange that discovered the incursion into the ballroom, their makeshift War Room. She was, unfortunately, taking a sip of butterbeer at that exact moment she happened to look up. The roof, usually with a grand piece of art was a mass of black carapace, and long tails snaking around each other in a malicious puppy pile appearing to defeat gravity itself.

The fact this sprayed Voldemort was of course the truly bad bit for her. Not to suffer an indignity like that even for his favorite he pulled his wand and AK'd here there and then. It was a shame, but such could not go unpunished, then and only then, did it occur to him to look in the same direction.

Of course it was then far too late, twenty black lithe killing machines dropped off the ceiling. He was quick enough to avoid the immediate an almost instant slaughter of his inner circle, but found himself surrounded in short order, his trusted servants, his most powerful toadies gone within seconds, in some cases ripped apart in a rather literal way. Then he was encircled, firing the distinctive green killing curse this way and that, and shocked to see it literally bouncing off their hides.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" he denied the evidence of his eyes.

"It's all about imagination," a well known by this point voice remarked up by his throne. No, oh no, it was worse, Harry-Bloody-Potter was sat on HIS throne picking his nails with a ordinary looking K-Bar knife. "They are my creations, I willed them into being, if I can imagine they can turn the AK back, then...they can." he said as Voldemort was actually HERDED in front of Harry.

A very dark smile that showed a lot of teeth appeared on the still quite young Harry's face. It wasn't a smile that belonged on a face that young, but in some ways he was ageless. In fact he'd been doing this so long he'd forgotten how long. "So, just you and me. Just like the prophesy said."

Voldemort raised his wand only to have a razor sharp set of jaws literally snatch it out of his hand. Harry got up and walked in close, "You were pretty interested in the prophesy at one point, but it's pretty simple" he said with a haunting lack of emotion on his face. The heaving mass of xenomorphs split and the body of Nagini was brought by a single one of them and laid at Harry's feet. He nodded to himself, "Good job lads," he said with a genuine smile. "Well I might as well tell you then. I have to do ... This...!" he said then jabbed forward hard, hitting Voldemort right in the gut with the K-Bar, then yanking it up HARD. He pretty much disemboweled the most feared Dark Lord of his time, then to make doubly sure he stabbed him first in the heart, then the neck and yanked hard to the side. The look of stunned realization that lit Voldemort's eyes made Harry smile, it was worth it for THAT look on that bastards face.

The xenomorphs chittered dangerously at the smell of blood but they were entirely under Harry's control and didn't react with the habitual blood lust.

Harry took a breath, then nodded a 'jobs done' to himself. "That was easy enough" he noted to the willowy redhead walking into the grisly Ballroom, the Xenomorphs seperated for her like a tide before Moses. "Hey Fae" he said with a fond smile. "I'm ready when you are." he said. "No point hanging around, you know I don't like to get attached."

"Ahh," 'Fae' - Fate - Said with a small smile, "There's a slight problem with that darling."

"Did I do it wrong, it seemed pretty easy this time honestly. So something a bit more challenging next time would be lovely if you can manage it Fae."

"That's the problem darling, there is no next time."

Harry looked at her uncomprehendingly, "Huh?"

She laughed, "You've really lost track haven't you. Have you ANY idea how long, or how many times you've done this?"

Harry looked up a moment then laughed, "Not really, it all kind of blurs together after a while. I go in, I kill, I move on. I've come to admire that simplicity."

"Then I hate to be the one to tell you darling, you did it. This was it, the last one, there are no more Voldemorts left for you to defeat."

Harry looked at her uncomprehendingly, "You're kidding?"

She laughed, "I am not, trust me Wizarding magic is really quite rare in the multi-verse, most do not like the true power of it and avoid it growing, tending to not allow it to flourish. Those with their own Voldemort are of course a smaller number and...yes, that's literally billions upon billions, and that's what you've done. You have cleansed the multi-verse from that stain and all his potential for ending the multi-verse as it stands. Congratulations, my choice - I feel - was inspired, you did what you were tasked with doing. You have killed them ALL."

Harry just sat on the floor, "Now what? This is...this is all I know!?"

"Yes, I hope to help you change that, but what else. I promised you would be rewarded and I am a higher being of her word. It is now time for your reward."

"When you said that I honestly thought it was bollocks Fae. I never in my wildest dreams believed I'd actually run out of those bastards to kill! Seriously!"

"Yes, your death toll is more than the population of this planet."

Harry snorted.

"Worse since you came up with these monsters," Fae said.

Harry didn't think she hated them since she was lightly stroking one of his conjured up xenomorphs who oddly seemed to be liking the attention. But then Fae was his constant companion through this, and in effect they were almost a part of him and he was very comfortable in her company, even given what and who she was.

"sh*t, I...I can't even remember what you promised me, something about godly powers though, but I'm not far off that already."

"Not the way I meant it you're not. You're top end for a wizard and I was extremely happy when you dumped the focus and started to free cast. Still not sure how I feel about you conjuring these things." she said then tickled the Xenomorph under it's head, and Harry rolled his eyes when it let out a purring chittering noise, it's teeth fluttering in a sign of pleasure. He had come up with these not long after seeing the movies on a slower moving universe, he'd loved the way they put the fear of well - them - into anything they met, and their abilities and even strategic thinking, so from then on they became something of a familiar to him. He knew these were the same he always conjured, like they lived in his mind until he needed them and then went back when he didn't. So he had indeed petted them, spent time around them. They actually had an exceedingly strong family unit, normally a queen would rule them utterly, but that was him as their king. He'd also made sure they didn't plant any eggs in hosts. Not even he wished that on anyone.

"For f*cks sake Fae, what the hell am I supposed to do?!" he chuffed a laugh, "I'm a f*cking killer, assassin really. I'm not exactly ready for society."

"You haven't grown too well since you stopped allowing yourself to connect with the local people around you."

"Why would I, I've seen them all at their best and worst, but it's the worst that sticks with you and I always had to leave them anyway. Didn't seem like much point after the first - I dunno - hundred times. I was a little slow picking that up."

"A Lesson you shouldn't have learned, I'm hardly human but interaction with others like you is important, even for beings like me."

"I didn't know there were other beings like you." he noted.

"Yes, I am not even the only being that decides fate, in fact the big three in that could be thought of as Fate, me, Destiny, and... 'f*ck My Life'"

Harry burst into laughter, "Let me guess that last one arranges the...not so great fates."

"Believe it or not we're all working towards the same thing, but FML has gotten carried away occasionally." Fae chuckled. "As to what you do, you enjoy your reward. I bestow upon you your well deserved reward and you find a way to live your life doing - well...anything you desire with the power you've earned. Everything you've picked up on this quest is yours anyway, you earned that fair and square along with the divinity I am happy to give."

"And do what, seriously it's not like I was especially well adjusted when I started, let alone...god that was a long time ago huh, but now...seriously I'm not far off totally psycho I'm sure."

"You did this for a single reason - do you remember what you told me was the reason you said yes."

"To protect magic." he replied instantly, "Has always, even through this, looked out for me. I love magic and did even when I didn't know the name for what was happening."

"Your driving reason is distinctly one thing a psycho can never really feel, think on that. But..." she trailed off looking at him a long moment.

"What? Lay it out for me Fae. You know with me I prefer to hear it straight." Harry said, then got off the floor, pushed Bellatrix body off the table and sat where she'd slumped, "I know you too. You've thought of something for me to do. Something I hope is like another quest, because right frigging idea what to do next."

"I do actually, I was just telling you that FML, we'll call her, has occasionally gone too far or did something that doesn't really fit with the end game plan."

"You want for me to take the mistake out?"

"No! God, I spoke too soon, you are a psycho."

Harry grinned at her, "I did tell you. If not that, then what?"

"Help them, potentially remove them from the situation entirely. None of the prospects I'm thinking of are too far off your age."

"God knows how old I really am." Harry noted with wry amusem*nt.

"NO, we're not counting those years, that's almost incalculable to a human, no you were 15 when I first talked to you, but round about now I would put you around 18 in terms of emotional development. Humans are my thing Harry, I watch them, I plan for them, I know them very well. I ask you to trust what I'm saying."

Harry smiled, "You know I trust you. Unlike most of the examples in my long life you've never actually given me reason not to. To curse you a few crappy goes around, but trust you...that I do."

"Good, you need to see the world, interact, learn how to be..."

Harry chuckled darkly, "Human."

"I'm sorry but yes. Your chief source of comfort and companionship is me, who isn't a human and these monsters."

"I'll believe that from you when you stop stroking Felix."

"Sorry what, you call this one...Felix."

"It took me a devil to find out what they like to eat, that one...he likes Felix cat food." Harry shrugged.

"Yes, I reiterate STRONGLY, you need to remember how to be human. And perhaps grow a better sense of humor. Be with people your own age right now especially, yes I think I know where I can send you. It wouldn't be especially easy but given the power you've damn well earned you should be able to ape what you need to, to fit in there."

"Okay, you know what....give me this wondrous reward I earned, and send me there. I hate dealing with the aftermath anyway you know that."

"So flippant," Fae noted, "You realize gods would kill to earn an ability and power up like this?"

"I dunno, just give me an instruction manual or something, and I'm good to go."

"Oh....with your constant references, I think I can do better than that?" Fae said with a wicked smile. Ideas abound in her super intelligent mind, a way to give Harry not only what he had earned but perhaps more importantly, to give him what he required. In all Harry wasn't a psycho, but he wasn't far off, totally dedicated to his duty and as he'd noted after the first hundred or so times around the merry-go-round, he'd all but given up on making connections. That could now change, and she'd grown VERY fond of him, so she had the perfect way to do that, and perhaps keep him busy at the same time.

"So...still ready?"

"I know that look, and I still it!"


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The Quest Reward - Chapter 1 - zxandris (2024)


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