The Lexington Herald from Lexington, Kentucky (2024)

1 a 16, 1936 THE LEXINGTON HERALD SECTION FOUR PAGE 5 GUST OUST When Better Used Cars Are for Sale You Will Read About Them Here GUARANTEED USED CARS WITH THE OK THAT COUNTS 1929 Chevrolet Sport Coupe 1934 Chevrolet Coupe 445 1934 Plymouth Coupe 375 1932 Plymouth Coupe 225 1929 Ford Sport Coupe 115 1933 Hudson Coach 325 1930 Buick Sedan 225 1934 Chevrolet 395 Sport 1934 Dodge Sedan 465 1932 Packard Sedan 545 1933 Dodge Coupe 365 1934 Chevrolet Coach 365 1929 Ford Coach 115 1934 Terraplane Coach 445 1932 Chevrolet Sport 245 TRUCKS 1935 Ford Sedan 445 1930 Ford Pickup 1932 Chevrolet Coach 245 1934 Chev. Long 1930 Ford Sport Coupe 165 Wheelbase 395 1928 Chevrolet Coach 95 1933 Chev. Long 1935 Chevrolet Sedan 465 Wheelbase 325 1933 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Chev. 131-in. Stake Body 245 1933 Chevrolet Coach 325 1932 Ford Long Wheelbase 265 1931 Chevrolet 195 1934 Ford Long Wheelbase 365 1933 Chevrolet Sedan 345 Stake Body.

OTHERS TO SELECT FROM L. R. COOKE CHEVROLET, Inc. 265 E. Main--Showroom 319 E.

Main-Lot USED CARS 1929 STUDEBAKER SEDAN Good tires. paint and mechanical condition. Price $125.00. Apply 1017 South Broadway. 1934 PLYMOUTH DELUXE COUPE--In perfect condition.

Owner leaving city. Must sell at once. Bargain. Call 4880. 1935 WHITE TRUCK Model 702, foot body, 34x7 tires, A-1 condition, priced reasonable.

COOPER MOTOR CO. 152 Rose Street Phone 6593 dozen; pineapples, 15 cents each: grapefruit, 50 each: Avocado pears, each: honey, dew melons. 10 35c each: bananas. 35c doson: cherries, 200 a pound; cantaloupes, 6 to 15c each: peaches, 25c basket: watermelons, 35 50c each; huckleberries, 20c box; new green apples, 15c measure: honey balls, 100 each; plums, 15c dozen; apricots, 10c dozen; blackberries, 200 a quart; yellow freestone peaches, 25c A basket; sour cherries, 150 quart; seedless grapes, 2 lbs, for 15c: nectarines, 50 each. 3 for 10c; Grasenstein eating apples, 30c dozen; home grown grapes, 160 basket.

Vegetables Beets, 50 bunen; leat lettuce, 100 pound; fresh onions, 3 bunches for 10c; head lettuce. 5 each: parsley, 50 a bunch: lima beans, 25 cents a measure; cauliflower. 15 to 35c each; aggplant, 5c each: green peppers, 15c 8 dozen; kale, 250 peck; garlic, 20c pound: potatoes, 15c a measure: sweet potatoes, 200 a two-quart measure; new sweet tatoes, 15c a measure; new turnips, 5c a bunch. potato chips, 60c pound; 150 quart, new baby yellow squash, quart: brocolt. 100 bunch; cucumbers.

50 each: mushrooms, 250 box; spinach. 35c peck; new cabbage, 100 250 head: celery cabbage, each: carly endive, bunch: mustard greens, peck; new radishes, 3 bunches, 100; celery hearts, 2 for 15c; large celery. 10c, 2 for 15c; carrots, centa bunch: Spanish onions, each: home ETOWD Irish Cobblera, 15c measure; white squash, 10c; new cabbage, a head; old tashioned out beans. 20c pint measure: new Texas green onions, 5c bunch; new corn, 25c dozen: new green beans, 100 measure: new Texas white onions, 10c a measure: rhubarb, 5c bunch: sweet California pORE, 100 measure: home- grown beets 3 for 10c; hot house tomatoes, 10c pound; Boston head lettuce, 3 for 25c; honey balls, 10c each; hulled pear, two measures for 25c: home grown beans, 15c a measure: preserving tomatoes, measure; pimento peppers, 250 dozen. (Quotations from J.

Arthur Graves). (All prices quoted on the pound, unless otherwise fudicated). Beef cuta: Rib roast, bone in, 350; bune out, rolled, 40c; chuck roast, 25c: shoulder roast. 25c; plate roast, 20c: bullion roast, 35c. Steaks: Round, 35c; icin, 400; T-Bone, 40c; flank, 35c; derloin.

60c. Lamb: Leg of lamb, 500; shoulder. 35c; loin, 50c; chops, 60c. Veal: shoulder roast. 25c; boulllon roast, breast, 200; cutlets, 50c: chops, 35c.

Pork: Ham roast, 40c: loin roast. 30c: chops, 350: sausage, 30c: tenderloin, 60e; feet. 70c; shoulder. 20c. Off-all: Braine, 25c: beef sweetbreads, 40c: calf sweetbreads, 60c; calf liver, 50c: beef ver.

30c: lamb liver. 300; beef hearts, 20c. Smoked meats: Bugar-cured hams, 30c. while. 500 sliced; breakfast bacon, 40c; Canadian bacon, 60c: smoked sausage.

250: minced ham. 30c: baked ham, 70c; goose liver, 40c; weiners. 25e: boiling bacon, 25c; tole bacon. strips, 25c; spare ribs, 25c. (Quotations from C.

Foster). Nearly 11,000 tourists visited Cuba in a recent month. Colored Notes SPECIAL GUARANTEED OR AS IS TONED $225 1933 Plymouth 385 645 1935 Dodge Deluxe Coupe 545 Plymouth Commercial Sedan $475 Sedan 495 1935 Chrysler Sedan 485 395 1935 Chrysler 6 Sedan 685 1933 395 1934 Dodge 4-Door 475 395 1929 Willys Knight 2-Door 395 1928 Buick Sedan 85 Sedan 385 1930 DeSoto Coupe 245 Coupe Sectal 445 Ford Roadster 195 sedan 245 1931 Sedan 185 sedan 285 1930 Dodge Sedan 195 Sedan 495 1929 Cadillac MAKES AND BODY TYPES ALL MOTOR CO. NEARLY CAD. (Incorporated) Established 1915 Phone 120-121 60 FOR SALE HOMES TINCTION are well sell and located, are priced to terms, very easy mode brick, feroom Sherman house, Avenue, apect on Betire, bartend full as prage and basem*nt pard.

serds only 14, 808 land a and tro-story complete, chicken house Brigert and Avenue, other Irvine Road, let on 2-story, 8- a hardwood floors, A com. sun must be garage. Come that UTE DEPT. RTGAGE CO. FOR SALE Street Nite 7535-Y Loan Solicitor for Co.

of America or investment, ant cottage on Rand in Green, 502 West IT HOMES END PARK Let of Dudley Road UNTIL 4:30 P. M. You are invited sew brick homes. 110 West Short One Look Means 8 TEN -New 8-room laze desirable lot in be plan, 2 full baths pant, concrete baselot 90x200 feet. a and Davis, rooms, aidectricity.

Tin razdation. Good school and At Hamilton. TIL INVES ent veil bell sevenwell end in Bitated blocks of the in terms tor brick residence for floor, and three da mesod floor. All ca taures, plenty of concrete baseand garage. 12.350.00.

Easy AI CO. Phone 610 ans North Lime dew Arling. 22 nostruction. little 15 en and Exceptionally EL LEVY at Denalope: Phones 806-6074 LAND FOR SALE 63 AS FOR SALE price Bourbon bouse, highway, price 11,860.00. price location, good land, 2.000.90.

improved farm on Para cored, Bourbon price County, per acre, splendid Orathiana-Georgetown 1 price time loan $1,200.09) of oration, farm, price and $13.. 0 miles F4 price of $135.00 Paris: per Realtor Butiding Tras6, house, 3-acre TeEy close bent In, loca- 5-room right. 260 a with barns, well 2 sets of HINKLE A a Road, tach, well 1m- County 8350-R. A LEGALS rotten Herald, longer conbe or responsible TON HERALD BIDS Eumaritan furnished caritan Hospital. YOUR SEARCH FOR USED CAR BARGAINS ENDS HERE 1934 Nash Eight Sedan Graham Sedan 295 1929 Chevrolet Sedan 125 1930 Graham Coupe 195 1930 Packard Sedan 295 1933 Plymouth Sport 345 1929 Cadillac Sedan 295 1928 Pontiac Coupe 125 1934 Nash Six Sedan 495 1929 Packard Sport Roadster.

195 1929 Packard Deluxe 1928 295 1929 Graham Sedan 145 1932 Packard Sedan 1931 Buick 4-pass. Coupe 195 295 550 1932 Hudson Sedan 195 1930 Packard Sedan 375 1935 Ford Coach 425 1928 Dodge Sedan 85 1934 Chrysler 525 1927 Chevrolet Sedan in 45 1929 Packard Sedan 295 1935 Chrysler Sedan 895 1927 Packard 95 1932 Packard Super Eight 1930 Packard Sedan 295 Sedan 595 1927 Studebaker Sedan 50 1930 Chevrolet Coach 40 1929 Chrysler 75 Sedan 245 1935 Plymouth Tour. 645 1933 Dodge Sedan 375 1934 Dodge Convertible Sedan 695 1932 Plymouth Sedan Extra 1930 Peerless Coupe 60 good 325 1928 Studebaker Sedan, 'new 1928 Packard Sedan 175 tires 75 1928 Marmon Sedan 50 1929 Ford Coupe 50 ALEXAN ALEXANDER-THOMPSON CO. PACKARD DISTRIBUTORS Vine and Southeastern Phone 4737 OPEN EVENINGS USED CARS We Need More USED CARS and will make you a very attractive proposition on a NEW FORD V-8 1936 Plymouth DeLuxe Sedan, very low mileage $695 1935 Chevrolet Coach 445 1932 Graham Sedan, very good 245 1932 Ford Sport Roadster 225 1931 Auburn Sport, 7-Passenger Sedan 195 1930 Ford Sedan 150 TRADES TERMS AMOSGARWOOD MOTOR CO. 304 N.

Upper St. Phone 592 homecoming will be held on K. T. H. B.

A. grounds the week of August 23-29. A band concert and a 50-voice chorus will begin Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Monday's opening will be with a parade followed by athletic running and trotting races and a stock show. The Bruce Greater Shows Carnival on the midway, open day night.

Each villa hat day's program will offer some special features. The Elks Progressive Club will meet Monday night at 8 o'clock at the residence of Silas Dunson, 545 South Upper street. The Colored Orphans Home will give a garden party next Friday evening for the benefit of the expense of the home. The public is invited. The missionary society of Quinn chapel will give an old folks concert Monday night at the church.

The public is invited. The malt chorus of Liberty church, the Rose of Sharon and an open program Lily of than Valley Clubs will give Wednesday night at 506 Goodioe street. All are invited. The Woman's Auxiliary of Nathan Caulder Post will meet Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock at 269 East Second street. Mrs.

Emma Clay is secretary. Simpson M. E. church, Versailles, will close a week of camp meetings today with a big basket dinner. All are invited.

Rev. A. P. Waller is pastor. The Sunshine Club of Jimtown M.

E. church will have a hayride to Jimtown next Thursday night. Haven M. E. church at Cadentown will celebrate its 65th anniversary the week of August 17 through the 28, with a program each night, closing Sunday with a homecoming and basket dinner, and a pageant of the church history.

Rev. S. T. Jones is pastor. Special pew services will be held this afternoon at 8 o'clock at the New Testament church.

A program will be given. Miss Elizabeth Gentry, Mrs. Malinda Clay and Mrs. Logan are the captains. Aid No.

2 of Gunn M. E. church will give a silver tea this afternoon from 3 to 7 at the home of Mrs. Fannie Grimes, 850 Charles avenue. Mrs.

Mary Edwards is president. The White Rose Lodge No. 11 will give a picnic at New Zion Tuesday. The public is invited. Phillip's C.

M. E. church, corner Race and Corral streets, Rev. L. Rucker, pastor.

Morning worship, 6 a. subject "Securing the Per. manent in Christianity." Sunday school, Miss Queenie E. Russell, superintendent; Epworth League, 6:45, Miss E. L.

Lewis, president; evening worship, 7:45, preaching by the pastor. All are welcome. FRIED SPRING CHICKEN Dinner and pineapple ice, today at the Mays ower, Upper and Mechanic. Wallace Estill, manager. -Adv.

The two week vacation Bible school conducted at Phillip's chapel closed Friday. Misses Lydia Elmore, Sophia Brown and Catharine Talbert will sponsor a special pew service this afternoon at the Cadentown Baptist church. A garden party will be given next Thursday night at 145 East Seventh street for the benefit of the Combs Club of Evergreen church. The Sisters Union Club of church will sponsor a pew service this afternoon at 2:30. All are welcome.

Mrs. Eliza Mae Ross, Mrs. Jackson, Miss Carrie Chatman and Miss Della Burnside will leave today for Cincinnati to attend the general assembly of the Early Church of God. All arrangements for the charity garden party, which is to take place Monday evening at the residence of Mrs. Nannie R.

Cook, 426 PHO Ou NO hone URBAN OR llandin Improve residence kitchen Le-piece and ment 1th ry house con We in yard REAL IN clusive Clay LAT. TED: 1 REIT use a a en ESS FOR SATE ERY uildinzs over 25 a mited so 55 to und. Pre ugby Fine Disc locate Kentucky 7th Street tucky. arber She sell de or cash. Idge er FOR lease, low 116.

Price ries Curl ES FOR DENCE-1 sale priva GAIN RIST HO RGE F. drooms, ing room bath, On mal IS ODAY. 1 these th car lance pal unusual bungalow is like bath nd bath 10 car 1o7 and buys and the Locate out South se Street let ndid bar LYWOO today 3 you sees alow of and all house and built monthl worth nspect 1 RA Realtors PAY I HOMES ON VE TERMS are 1 to sell. came rame ame came rame frame lot de frame Elam Lexing at 845 a bricks brick, me, Park Cramer umerous zes for real and ESTATE MORIO Market 1 ortgage Lite Iss -Nice DeV room, itchen, ncrete cy 1.500. Realtor 355.

OME 4 a ent Footie nice 1-Fire-M das H. R4 AM port Street 'AL A brick ndid large bal tiling room asem*nt; or hon mproved, otal se subdirisi business verted Henry VEST SHO LEWIS Trade Your Old Car for 1934 or 1935 FORD V-8 Your present car may cover the down payment on a reconditioned 1934 or 1935 Ford V-8. Inspect our big stock. Low prices. Two-day money-back guarantee.

Easy UCC terms. Six 1935 Standard Ford Five 1934 Ford V-8's $375 WILLIS STEWART MOTORS 180 EAST HIGH LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY New Car Dept. 6970 PHONES Used Car Dept. 3194 USED CARS "FAVORITES" Specializing in USED CARS Regardless of the kind of a car or truck you need- WE HAVE IT. All models, makes, sizes in trucks or passenger cars.

For the Best Bargains See PAUL ALLEN 510 West Short Street Phone 4717 Local Market Quotations WHOLESALE Flour, Meal and Feed Lexington Maid Flour, $7.60 per barrel: Indian meal, $2.95 per hundred: mill feed, 100-pound cotton bags, $1.95: burlap bags, No. or better red winter wheat, $1.12 per bushel. (Quotations from Woolcott Flour Mills). Poultry Eggs-19 cents a dozen; colored hens, a pound; roosters, 9c a pound: Leghorn hens, 100 a pound; colored springers, pound; country bacon. 20c a pound; country ham, 25c a pound.

(Quotations from City Poultry and Egg Company). Beans and Rice Colorado pintos, $5.00 per hundred: California limas, Great Northern beans. $5.50 per hundred; navy beans, 85.50 per hundred; rice, $5.50 8.60 per hundred; tea, 35055c per pound; granulated sugar. $5.00 5.45 per hundred. (Quotations from Bryan-Hunt Company).

Stock Feed (All prices quoted on 100 pounds unless otherwise indicated): T. B. mill feed, T. B. dairy feed, 24 per cent, T.

B. dairy feed, 20 per cent, Capitol dairy feed, 24 per cent, $2.15: Capitol dairy feed, 16 per cent, T. B. hog ration, T. B.

sheep feed, T. B. horse feed, Kentucky King horse feed, Kentucky Queen laying mash, supplement mash, fattening mash, turkey all mash, starting mash. growing mash, $2.90: startIng and growing all mash, T. B.

scratch, Capitol scratch, $2.50: baby chick feed, crax corn, bulk, 82.65; corn feed meal, ground cats, bulk, ground barley, bulk, $2.40: yellow shelled corn, bushel, $1.34: No. 2 white oats, bulk, 62c; mixed teed cats, bulk, 59c; barley, bulk, 97c; cotton seed meal, 50y bean meal, distillers grain, linseed meal, rolled oats, tankage, meat scrap, 13.10; oyster shell, grit, bone meal, plain block salt, 50c; sulphur block salt, 60c. (Quotations from Lexington Roller Mills). RETAIL Fruits Cooking apples, 10 for two-quart measure: lemons, 15 20c dozen; grapefruit, 5 and 10c; oranges. dozen; eating pears, 30c per dozen; new limes, D.

I. REID, Reporter News intended for publication in this column may be submitted to D. I. Reid, 705 Dakota street (phone 6617), or left at The Herald office. The Lexington Colored Fair has, received the endorsem*nt of the Lexington Commerce.

the M. Fair Association The Colored, Fair successor of which for a half century gave fairs and entertainments for the colored people. They, were supported in this effort the leading white RAILROAD TIME TABLFS SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM Effective May 31, SOUTHBOUND 15 Chattanooga Local 9:15 a.m No. No. 3 Royal Palm 9.40 a.m.

No. 43 C. Limited 8:16 p.m No 1 Ponce de LeonCarolina Special .10:50 p.m. NORTHBOUND No. 3 Ponce de Carolina Special 5:00 a.m.

No. 44 4 C. Limited 6:25 a.m. No. Na 16 Cincinnati Local 6.52 p.m.

Royal Paim 6:25 p.m. No. 12 WESTBOUND zaily except xLawrenceburg Sunday, Local 6:00 a.m. Arrival OHIO RAILROAD 3:10 m. Departure 4:13 p.m.

delphia, New York 4:33 p.m p.m. ville- Louisville 6:00 40 villa- Louisville 2:20 p.m $10:50 delphia- New tor's 6:3 p.m a.m LOCISVILLE DAD AND NASHVILLE Change in Time CINCINNATI DIVISION May 18th. 1936 Effective Arrival 11:30 a.m. Cin. Departure 11:02 p.m.

Express 12:45 p.m. Cin. Fast Mail 2.45 a.m. Arrival ATLANTA DIVISION 3:35 a.m. Departure 2:00 p.m.

Knoxville 11:16 p.m. LOUISVILLE Exp. DIVISION 8:05 a.m Arrival 8:40 p.m. Departure 11:00 a.m. Louis.

zLouis. Emin. Frank. 4:19 a.m. 10:50 m.

Emin. Frank 4:10 p.m EASTERN KENTUCKY Frank. DIVISION 2:25 p.m Arrival 10:30 p.m. Departure 2:00 Fleming 11:50 p.m 6:55 p.m. Natl.

12:01 Haz.Bridge- Maloney 8:05 a.m Arrival MAYSVILLE a.m. Departure Daily except Sunday. M'aville 12:46 p.m. s8unday only. USED I DEPENDABLE USED CARS 1936 Pontiac Tudor Touring Sedan $775 This car carries a new car guarantee--big reduction.

1935 Chevrolet Coach 575 The very best Master Coach Lexingtonone owner--low milea g6. 1935 Chevrolet Coach 435 Standard model-awfully clean--one owner. 1935 Pontiac Tudor Sedan. 625 One owner perfect shape, best bargain for many a day. 1934 Dodge Coupe 425 One owner--First class condition.

1934 Ford Sedan 410 Six wheels, trunk and radio. This car owned locally is clean with a definite guarantee. 1933 Plymouth 4-door 395 Six wheels, new tires' one owner. 1930 Reo Sedan 275 Four door, new tires, one owner, perfect shape. 1933 Pont.

4-Door 375 Clean, used very little. 1930 Chrysler 4-Door Sedan 185 1931 Coupe 185 1930 Ford Coupe 150 1930 Pontiac Sedan 195 1983 Plymouth 295 CHARLIE STURGILL MOTOR CO. TWO LOCATIONS 109 Rose St. 356 E. Main St.

PHONE 96-4090 M. E. church will start Monday evening with a series of meetings through the week, celebrating the 65th anniversary of the church, next Sunday with a big bas. closing ket dinner. Visiting ministers and their congregations who will have part on the program are Revs.

R. S. Mosby and G. W. Tindull, of Lexington; H.

H. New Zion; C. M. Sexton, Georgetown; E. E.

Hamblen, Cynthiana: W. P. Kellogg, Paris; E. E. Crawford, Leesburg; J.

S. Jones, Oxford: W. L. Darius, North Middletown. Members of the are Prof.

W. Taylor Seals, committee, Bush, Andrew Johnson, Henry Marshall, D. W. Morton, Ed Morton, Bettie Marshall, secretary; Rev. S.

T. Jones, pastor. East End Cafe Northeastern Avenue anSpecial of fried chicken sandwiches: dinner, 24 hours 35c; service. Algar Brown, -Adv. Mrs.

Ella Dabney, Midway, died Saturday afternoon at her home. She leaves three daughters, Mrs. Edmonia. Johnson, Mrs. Edith Washington and Mrs.

Albert Doug. las; two sons, Willie and Mar. sallus J. Dabney; one granddaughter, Miss Geraldine Washington; one grandson, Emmett Washington. Funeral services will be held Monday at the Christian church at 2 p.

conducted by the Rev. W. D. Campbell, assisted by Rev. I.

H. Moore. Burial in family the lot in No. 1 cemetery. The body removed from the Gillispie Brothers funeral home to the residence this afternoon.

Dan Calloway who was reported so seriously ill at the Julius Marks Sanatorium, has been removed to the residence of his mother, Mrs. Callie Green, 418 Price road. Phones, 9370-9371. George "Ted" Brown, president; Joseph Strong, For Sale--Two lots, $160, on Primrose avenue. See William Thompson today between 1 and 2 o'clock, at 457 Bradley Mrs.

Mary Ellen Woodward will receive the meeting of the Woman's Council, Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, at her residence, 422 North Upper street. Miss Marie Johnson and Miss Carrie B. Murray, teachers, of Paris, and Lawyer J. W. Rowe will speak.

CHICKEN DINNER Sliced ham and ice cream today at Aunt. Mary's Kitchen, 181 Deweese street. -Adv. At the charity garden party Monday night at 426 Jefferson street, plate lunch will be served by the hostesses at the tables. Ice cream, soft drink and candy on the side.

Rev. R. F. Hayes left Saturday morning for Little Rock, Ark. SPECIAL every Tuesday and Wednesday, Apex oil shampoo, 75c.

Tea served from 2 to 4. Open evenings. Roseanna Beauty Shoppe. Phone a Mrs. Anna Maxberry and little Miss Anna Thomas Hawkins have returned from Cincinnati after a week's visit there with relatives and friends.

The 15th annual Colored Fair and USED CARS USED CARS 1936 Pontiac Touring Coupe $695 1934 Plymouth DeLuxe Sedan 445 1934 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan 595 1933 Oldsmobile Sport Sedan, one owner 445 1931 Hudson DeLuxe Sedan 245 1930 Nash Six Sedan 245 1930 Packard Coupe, rumble seat. 295 1930 LeSalle 4-Passenger Coupe, a dandy 285 1930 Cadillac 7-Passenger Sedan 385 1929 Cadillac 7-Passenger Sedan, reasonable price. 1929 Ford DeLuxe Sedan 135 1929 Buick Sport Coupe 165 MANY MORE TO SELECT FROM DIXIE McKINLEY 348 East Main Street Lexington, Ky. Cadillac 8080 LaSalle Jefferson street, have been completed. Mrs.

Elgetha Mason, chairman of the service committee, has planned to serve a crowd. Candy, soft drink and ice cream will be served. A short program will be rendered. Many from out. of-town are expected.

The party will begin at 6:40 and last until 11 o'clock. The public is invited. Mrs. Bettie L. Smith is secretary.

A picnic will be given by the White Rose Lodge No. 11 at Nicholasville Monday. Trucks will leave from 314 North Upper etreet at 9 o'clock. The program will include baseball and other amusem*nts. Refreshments will be served.

The public is invited. Mrs. Lucy Mundy is chairman. The following adult evening school teachers are re-organizing their classes at Chandler nity Center: Mrs. Laurette Cassell, directress of the music department; Mrs.

Mary E. Buckner, commercial law, business English and bookkeeping; Mrs. Jean Martin, recreational department; and Miss Elsie Miller, field and classroom work. Registration hours are from 3 to 8 m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Parks and Playgrounds The band concert will be held at the usual time this afternoon from 5 to p. m. The public is invited. A large crowd attended the band concert last Sunday. Several picnics were held during the week at Douglas park.

Mrs. Rowe states that the attendance for the week was 11,926. The main feature for this week will be the tennis tournament at Douglas park. Miss Mary Virginia Hardy was the winner of a radio given by the Wheeler Furniture Company to the adult winner of the Wheeler contest broadcast over station WLAP every Monday morning from 9 to 9:30 on the recreation program. Douglas park: Amateur proMonday night, Starling Hatchett rated first.

Evelyn Spencer, second. Both sang solos and answered encores. Community singing WaS held Tuesday night. The singing was led by William Madden and Evelyn Spencer. The songs were announced by Eugene Saulter.

Special children's songs were used as well as the old favorites and spirituals for the adults. Coming events: Amateur program Monday night; community singing Tuesday night. After Monday, August 17, the cast for pageant will be closed. All interested in taking part are urged to be at the park Monday. DANVILLE COLORED NOTES James Sneed died Thursday at noon at his home on Fifth street, after 10 days illness.

He was a plasterer and was highly respected. Funeral services were held Saturday at St. James A. M. E.

church, the Rev. W. H. White, officiating. Mrs.

Lettie Fisher is quite ill at her home on Lebanon road. Will Ingleman of Detroit is here visiting relatives and friends. Miss Zenobia Smith, who has been in New York for the past six weeks, became ill and was brought home Wednesday. She is improving. Miss Georgia Doneghy returned home Sunday night from Evanston, where she visited her sister and husband, Mr.

and Mrs. James Frye. Mrs. Geneva Scott Williams, of Pittsburgh, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Lizzie M.

Silverburg, on East Main street. Miss Beatrice Fisher of Louisville, called here on account the illness her mother, Mrs. Lettie Fisher. Prof. and Mrs.

H. C. Russell spent the last week-end here the guests of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. B.

F. Jones. Mrs. Ann Elizabeth McBath is here from Detroits visiting her parents, Mr. Ernest Bridgewater.

Sanford Roach, student at the K. S. I. spent the week-end here. Mrs.

Mattie Mae Evans and her two little girls, Yvonne and Clara, are here from Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Allie Rowe and chil-1 Dodge Plymouth Trade-Ins 1931 De Soto Coupe $125 1935 Chevrolet Coach $395 1929 De Soto Sedan 75 1935 Chevrolet Coach 425 1929 De Soto Coupe 115 1934 Chevrolet Coach 345 1930 Sedan 145 1933 Chevrolet Coach 295 1929 Buick Sedan 165 1932 Chevrolet Sedan 225 1931 Essex Coupe 110 1931 Chevrolet Coupe 195 1930 Sedan 95 1931 Chevrolet Sedan 125 1929 Essex Coach 65 1930 Chevrolet Coach 165 1929 Whippet 95 1935 Ford Touring A 445 1931 Hupmobile Sedan 195 1929 Chevrolet Coupe, 85 1928 Packard Sedan 50 1935 Ford Coach 395 1935 Graham Sedan 395 1930 165 1929 Harley-Davidson 1929 95 Coupe 1931 Chrysler Sedan 245 1927 Ford Model Coupe 35 12 Good Dodges 12 Good Plymouths 18 Good Used Trucks All Sizes GOODWIN BROTHERS, Inc. E.

Main at Ransom W. Main Near Jefferson Phone 6750 Phone 1411 dren are visiting his sister, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Patton. Mrs.

George McLaughlin Routte was the guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. Perkins. Matthias Guthrie, of Lexington, is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Mary Mitchell on Fifth street.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Owsley of Milwaukee was the guests last week of his niece, Mrs. Maggie O. Toliver.

Mrs. Hester Davis and Mrs. Lillie Bottoms are in Lexington visiting Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Boulder.

Rev. W. H. White, Mrs. Moran Fields, Misses Mary Willie Daughman and Mrs.

Mattie Smith, and Master George Parr, John D. Parr, William Brown, and Carl Baughman, represented St. ames A. M. E.

church at the Young Peoples Congress which convened in Louisville, August 11-13. Mr. and Mrs. George Andrews have returned to their home in Chicago after a visit with his parents, Rev. co and Mrs.

G. W. Andrews. Miss Louise Green of Indianapolis is visiting Mr. and Mrs.

Ashby Jackson. Messrs. Douglass Mitchell, Leonard Mitchell, Joe Cates and J. English of Louisville were the weekend guests of Mrs. Mary Ingram.

Mr. and Mrs. Clapos Higgins, Mrs. Mary Cook and Mrs. Millie McKitric were visitors in Frankfort Sunday.

Mrs. Maggie Walker, and granddaughter, Florence Walker, have returned from visiting in Cincinnati. Mesdames Annie L. Moore, Sylvester Parr, and Florine T. Ingram, Miss Sallie L.

Allen, Miss Lucy Jones and Matthias Guthrie were in Louisville Wednesday visiting the Kentucky Congress of Youth of the A. M. E. church. The Busy Bee Sunshine Club was delightfully entertained Wednesday night by Mrs.

Lula Reed at her home on West Green street. The auxiliary board of St. James A. M. church met Tuesday night at the home, of Mrs.

Janis Spillman. Mrs. Bell of Louisville has returned after a visit with Miss Fannie Cowan on East Walnut street. WINCHESTER COLORED NOTES Mrs. Hattie B.

Embry of Springfield, Ohio, is spending a week or more visiting her brother, George Bell. Dr. G. S. Seldon of Lexington spent Sunday here visiting friends.

A union picnic and outing of the Broadway Christian church and Clark M. E. church will be held at Douglass park in Lexington, Thursday, August 20. Trucks will leave at 8:30 o'clock from Burns avenue and Broadway. The public is invited.

Miss Ruth Newell left Monday for Dayton, Ohio. Frank Frazier who has been visiting in Dayton for the past week has returned. Mrs. Nannie Good remains ill at her home on First street. James Boone died August 3.

He leaves Mrs. Creth Boone, and a brother. The funeral of William Perry was held Wednesday. He leaves a father, mother, sister and other relatives. Rev.

A. Moyer, pastor of Clark M. E. church, held a two weeks meeting in Middletown. Charles Taylor and Allen Johnson of Frankfort, spent Sunday here visiting friends.

Miss Ida Frances who has been in Frankfort for several months is here visiting her parents. Mrs. Mattie Williams entertained the members of the missionary SOciety of the First Baptist church Thursday at her home. On the sick list this week are Bettie Hall, Susie King, Bettie Cooper, Margaret Carter, Ernest Walls, Howard Parrish and Owen Stewart. The Oliver Leaf Educational Institute will be held September 17.

Miss Clemmie Nelson left Sunday for a short visit in Detroit. Miss Clarabelle and Mellie Martin of Cincinnati were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin. Mrs.

Laura Samuels is improving from a recent serious illness at her home. Miss Pattie Lou Bates left Sunday for Cincinnati to visit her sister for two weeks. Mrs. Thomas Jones and little son, Thomas, and Mrs. E.

B. Liverson of Cincinnati spent Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.

Nichols. Tom Saunders of Lexington was here Sunday. Miss Gladys Davis of Charleston, W. is spending a few days here with friends. Miss Elizabeth Slappy of Dayton, Ohio, is here for a few weeks.

RICHMOND COLORED NOTES Rev. and Mrs. John Acton Hill of Covington have announced the marriage of their daughter, Miss Ruth Hill, to Mr. Paul Lawrence Jones of Richmond, of date, December 31, 1935, at Covington. Mr.

and Mrs. John Stone are the parents of a son born Thursday, August 6. Mrs. Katherine Randolph and daughter have returned to their home in Charleston, W. after a visit with Mr.

and Mrs. Green Merritt and other relatives. Rev. A. E.

Martin, Brutus Chenault, H. C. Gentry and Prof. J. C.

Caldwell were recent visitors in Harrodsburg. Mrs. Mary Gilbert and children visiting her parents in Leitchfield, Ky. Albert Knox and William Warren of Nicholasville, and Mrs. Hester Wright of Chicago were guests of Mrs.

Mary Clay and Mrs. Lucille Hockaday last week. Mrs. Clay entertained in their honor Thursday evening. Mrs.

Carlysle Ballew and daughter of Lexington were visitors in the city last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hathaway of Chicago the guests of his sister, Miss Hera. Hathaway this week.

Mrs. Vivian Fish and children have returned to their home in Ashland, Ky. Mrs. Frankie Cobb and niece, Rose Mary Sidney, of Loveland, Ohio, and John Loggins and Leonard Fields of Detroit were visitors in the city Tuesday. Mrs.

Dennis Cobb accompanied them returning to Loveland for a visit there with relatives. Mr. George Cobb of spending a few days here visiting relatives. Howard Givens and sister, Mrs. Kittie Lee White, of Detroit, and Miss Jewell Escoe of Kansas City, are the guests of their mother, Mrs.

Annie Givens. Mr. and Mrs. Turner Goggins are the parents of a son born August eighth. Misses Estella Yates, Ann Turner, Areatha White, Mrs.

Frances E. Jackson and William H. Stone received their A. B. degree from K.

S. I. Frankfort, August 13. Misses Mary Brock and Tillie Garr attended the young peoples congress in Louisville this week. F.

F. Bowles of Lexington was a visitor here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Brutus Chenault and children returned from a visit with relatives in Cincinnati.

Rev. W. D. Thompson was in Lancaster Friday to preach the funeral of Mrs. Sallie Ray who died Tuesday at her home in Camp Nelson.

Meats citizens, and the unbroken pleasant relation is being maintained by the present organization. Mrs. Chandler Polk, Lexing. ton's favorite style leader, will have charge of a show and floor parade each night during the fair and that the patrons the greatest treasure Be sure to see her in time for your box for the week fair. "The management promises running, trotting, pony and mule races the daily.

daily Note papers. each day's Plenty programble room at the grounds. The programs, posters and tickets are out and you can get them at local bustness houses. The members of the Lexington Colored Fair are requested to visit the office this week for instructions about the fair. The Bruce Greater Shows, the largest and best 12-car show will be on the midway.

For Sale-Cottage, 563 North Limestone street. Call at 801 West Adv. The Consolidated Business Club with office at 409 Patterson street, will sponsor a "Blue Grass Popularity Contest," starting August 15, and closing October 15, to cover and all Central KenLexington tucky. Entry blanks and voting tickets being distributed. C.

J. are Parker is the director of publicity and advertisem*nt. Who Will Be Crowned "Miss Blue! Grass?" In the Consolidated Business Club's gigantic "Blue Grass Popularity Contest" every colored perin Lexington and all Central Kentucky is eligible to participate. A Shelvador refrigerator, a Crosley radio, a Eureka vacuum cleaner the three grand prizes. are Contest started August 15; will close October 15, with the crowning of "Miss Blue Grass" and a grand Please call, phone or write dance.

entry blanks, and for full details. Office, 409 Patterson street. The homecoming and basket meeting at the Cadentown PARIS COLORED NOTES Miss Martha W. Bishop of Covington is visiting here parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Bishop of West Seventh Mr. and Clem Johnson of streets. Cincinnati, Ohio, motored here last week for their vacation. The Epworth League of St. Paul M.

E. church sponsored a style show Friday night, August 14, for the benefit delegates' expenses to the district conference in Flemingsburg next week. Rev. T. H.

Smith, pastor of the Shiloh Baptist church of Lexington, was guest speaker Sunday afternoon at 3 p. m. at the First Bapchurch, accompanied by his great Gospel choir and congregation. E. Wilson is The Raina Kru foreign missionary society met Sunday afternoon at Elmont on Eighth street at 5 p.

mn. with Mrs. Nannie Christopher as vice president and McClelland Davis, chaplain. Lawrence Kellis has returned to Rhode Island after an extended visit here with his relatives. Miss Astoria Hurley left Sunday for Cincinnati, Ohio, after a twoweeks visit with her parents, and Mrs.

Thomas Hurley, of West Eighth street. A fashion wedding was given at the Seventh Street Christian church Thursday night. Rev. Stafford Campbell is pastor. Mr.

and Mrs. John Jackson of Ashland, returned home after visit with their mother. Mrs. Mary F. Cason of Thomas avenue.

Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Wood, director of the colored schools of Baltimore, passed through the city Monday en route tor Louisville to visit relatives and friends.

Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Hamblen of Cynthiana, were guests Wednesday of Mrs.

Mebane Mark, having just returned from their tour of the East where they visited New York City, Baltimore, Washington, D. Norfolk, and Charleston, W. Va. Mrs. Charles Jackson and children of Detroit, were guests of Mr.

and Mrs. Tom Palmer last week. Mr. and Mrs. James Toles motored to Georgetown Sunday and worshiped at the Christian church there.


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