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Mask: Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?

  • His physical body does tend to be drastically different when he shows you his true colors of course, personality wise his true colors are quite mismatched to how the butler usually acts though not in the ways you might think. Sebastian let's his perfect butler aesthetic falter when he's alone with you, less of a gentleman and more greedy, prideful as a demon typically is. He lets you be reminded he is not the human you met him as, Sebastian's full of so much more than a human is
  • While your demon isn't very forceful you can tell when he has to have you, red eyes showing the need to at the very least hold you, inhale the very scent of his mate, maybe even get a taste of them if they don't push away him and his temptations. The moment you two return back into a public area Sebastians pulled back together his perfect facade, don't worry he'll always have a few samples of his desire for you to show when he finds his kitten without anyone else around his radius

Kisses: How do they act around or with their darling?

  • Amongst the usual moments of adoration and smite you'll get his typical co*cky comments and jokes, trying to impress or get a reaction out of his darling during the small amount of time he has with them until responsibilities of the head Phantomhive butler calls for his attention
  • Late nights and early mornings is where the hours seem to slow down for him in the best ways, even if you two aren't a romantic or sexual couple in anyway Sebastian still can appreciate the dead of the night where he's under the same covers as you, so still it's almost as if he wasn't there to begin with while he basks in your presence. The demon wants to hear your thoughts and opinions on anything he might bring up in the early mornings before the sun rises, whether it be on the selection of breakfast he has prepared or on the latest issues that have occurred in the Phantomhive manor, your voice itself is what consumes the back of his mind. Waiting the perfect moment simply to see what you'll sound like when sneaking a kiss from his dearest, he craves and savors it

Affection: How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?

  • When Sebastian doesn't have a private space to pull you into a gentle yet obsessive embrace where he lets his hands trace over each curve his hands can reach then he'll simply rely on his usual acts of service to express the fondness he has found himself pent up with, ensuring you are well feed without even the slightest displeasure to worry about
  • In regards of intensity, it can fluctuate depending on how long Sebastian has left his feelings to build up, possibly from being taken alongside his young master into the city or elsewhere leaving you behind to take care of the manor with the four others, and from his nearing heat where he can't help from needing your touch and warmth against him. Sebastian makes sure you'll never be drowned in his love, that doesn't keep it from flooding and overwhelming you on special occasions, simply cause he enjoys the sight of you so tenderly loved you just can't take it

Love letters: How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?

  • It'll start off as the usual way he treats those he wants something from, discreet flirtations, simple touches that seem to last just a second too long and constant run ins with him during moments where you're anything but composed. Though his behavior changes as the demon realizes that this attraction isn't like anything he's ever felt for a human before, not a need to gain information from them or drive them to ruin as an order from his young lord, it's entirely new to him.
  • Might be a tad bit confusing as he suddenly begins respecting your space, getting you to speak on the topics that interest you when he gets spare time with you and over all ensuring you're left wondering more about the strange butler especially after treating you in such a suggestive way in the beginning.

Unique: Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?

  • That's the thing with being a monster who has lived centuries upon centuries both in the human world and his own realm, things that would worry most humans doesn't spark a single fear in his core cause he knows he's more than all of this. Sebastian can find you with scent alone no matter how many miles you might've found yourself away from him, bring you back home the same day just in time for him to complete a splendid meal for your dinner that evening whilst ensuring the manor is in top condition with not a single layer of dust to be seen
  • Sebastian is capable of so much more than a human can ever comprehend, you can think of escaping, leaving for personal opportunity or something else of the sort and he can simply let you without worry than he'll pin you down again to have the taste of your lips once more no matter the distance that was once between you.

Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?

  • He tends not to let it run on too long if possible but this little escapade between you two can last for years, though it doesn't mean Sebastian hasn't managed to get you in his possession once or twice, all his passion that has been built up being relieved with the personal company of his mate despite them not being his just yet, as much as it pains Sebastian he'll always let you go back to how things were as if he didn't just have you pressed against him.
  • Usually the longer he waits is due to some outside force that he can't eliminate due to the young master's demands, maybe your married status to a particular man who is very important to an ongoing mission or the overall funtom company keeps Sebastian from swaying you off your feet as often as he'd like. Of course such a obstacle won't stop the butler in his tracks completely, he'll claim you despite the wedding ring on your finger from the periodic visits he treats you to

#sebastian michaelis x reader | yandereaffections (2024)


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