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We’ve covered a lot of topics regarding Pokemon Infinite Fusion. It is a fun game to play, with the fusing aspect elevating the familiar mechanics to a different level.

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That’s why we’re making a list of 15 Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s best Fusions!

All hybrid Pokemon in this list are merely our suggestions, but a lot of them can be advantageous to the right opportunity.

Plus, you have to catch the required Pokemon for fusing, which in itself can be a challenge.

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion: Best Fusions From the Coolest Pokemon

Here are the coolest and best fusions in Pokemon Infinite Fusion:

15. Hitmonlee

The first Pokemon on our best Fusions list is Hitmonlee. Don’t be surprised that it has the same name because this is a fusion of Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.

Using Hitmonchan as the Head and Hitmonlee as the body, you get Hitmonlee which is a pure Fighting type.

This Hitmonlee is a nice combination of punching and kicking with one of the two abilities being Limber or Keen Eye.

Hitmonlee has good Attack and Speed allowing you to dish out high damage with the chance of striking first. This is a good early to mid-fused Pokemon to use.

The downside is that Hitmonlee will have average to low Special stats.

Ideal Strategies

  • Being a pure Fighting-type you can utilize both their Fighting-type moves. Having strong moves like Close Combat and Focus Punch are ideal for taking out enemies weak to Fighting.
  • Due to Hitmonchan being able to learn multiple-type punches like Fire, Ice, and Thunder Punch, these can be ideal arsenals for combat.
    Choose Keen Eye as the ability as well so that your Accuracy won’t get reduced.

14. Steelax

This cool-looking fusion of Steelix and Snorlax makes it look like it’s going to use its steel club in battle.

This Steel and Normal/type fusion is an ideal tank with its high HP and Defense. It also has high Attack, so it won’t be just a sitting duck but can also hit like a truck.

Its downsides are that it has low Special stats and will receive heavy damage from Fighting-type moves due to Steel and Normal being weak to it.

Ideal Strategies

  • Making a tank out of this fusion is a good idea. Its high HP and Defense make it suitable to absorb damage while you set up your other Pokemon or if you need to heal the rest.
    Arm it with moves like Protect and Rest. Don’t forget the usual Leftovers as an item to make the Steelax hold.
    One of its potential abilities is Thick Fat which reduces damage taken from Fire and Ice-types. This is a good idea since the Steel-typing is weak to Fire, but Thick Fat eliminates that problem.
  • Tanking is one thing, but this Pokemon can also dish out some damage.
    Teach it Belly Drum to increase Attack at a great level. Then, have moves like Giga Impact, Earthquake, and even Double Edge.
    Using the other ability Rock Head, moves like Double Edge will not recoil the damage to Steelax.

13. Pikacune

Number 13 on this list is Pikacune which is a fusion of Pikachu as the head and Suicune as the body. This Electric and Water-type fusion is good for dealing with Attack and Special Attack-based moves.

Its typing combination is also good since the Electric typing will nullify the weakness that the Water-type has. It will just be regular damage.

The arsenal of move combinations between these two types such as Water and Electric are a good mixture of damage and speed.

Ideal Strategies

  • The offensive moves available for Pikacune can be a lot. Combine Water and Electric-moves for Special damage such as Thunder and Surf.
  • Suicune can learn Ice moves, so that goes well for Pikacune if you want to go on the Special route, then use Ice Beam or Blizzard.
  • Playing defensively isn’t a bad idea as well with the ability Static having the chance to Paralyze the enemy. Have the move Volt Switch as well to get out of battle quickly.

12. Gardezor

Using Gardevoir as the head and Scizor as the body, you get Gardezor as a result. This Psychic/Bug-type has a great set of starting stats with acceptable defensive stats and impressive offensive ones.

The Bug-typing negates the Psychic’s weakness to Bug-types. A Gardezor allows you to deal good damage but at the same time allows it to sustain itself in battle.

The challenge here is to get a Scizor but everything else is a plus.

Ideal Strategies

  • You have a lot of options for offense but going for strong Psychic-type moves is ideal. Psychic and Shadow Ball are strong moves coming from Gardevoir.
  • If you want to utilize the ability Swarm which boosts Bug-type moves when HP is low, then go for moves like Bug Buzz for Special or X-Scissor for Physical.
    Even learn U-turn for a quick escape from battle.
  • Gardevoir originally having the Fairy-type can also learn Fair moves with strong Special damage such as Moon Blast or Dazzling Gleam. Equipping Choice Specs isn’t such a bad idea.

11. Dragochomp

Let’s fuse two Pseudo-legendary Pokemon to form the formidable Dragochomp. That’s Dragonite as the head and Garchomp as the body.

It can be a bit challenging to get them but they’re worth it to fuse. For starters, you pretty much have the same weaknesses as a Garchomp.

The advantage here is that you have access to the Dragonite’s moves, making your Dragochomp offensively stronger.

The stats alone are impressive with high Attack and Speed. The Special Attack stat isn’t that bad as well if you want to go that route.

Ideal Strategies

  • Strong Physical Dragon moves are a good choice since both learn the same Dragon moves. We’re talking about Dragon Claw or Dragon Rush. Equip Choice Band as well for more damage.
  • Try and go for an evasive build. Learn Sandstorm because one of Dragochomp’s abilities is Sand Veil which boosts its evasion during a sandstorm. Pair it up with Agility for a higher evasive take.
  • There are other strong physical moves such as Earthquake, Giga Impact, and even Fly coming from Dragonite.

10. Swamking

We’re fusing two big bulky Pokemon with Swampert as the head and Nidoking as the body, and you get Swamking which is a Water and Ground-type.

It is basically a beefed-up Swampert having access to Nidoking’s moves and impressive offensive stats.

Swampert on its own is already beloved by players, give it a bigger move pool with Nidoking, and then you have a lot of choices to build this bad boy up and make it dominate battles.

Also, with the removal of Nidoking’s Poison type, you can take advantage of that with its Poison moves available.

Ideal Strategies

  • You have the usual powerful moves for both these Pokemon at your disposal such as Earthquake, Surf, Shadow Ball, and more.
    Due to the stats being good for both Physical and Special, choose moves that you will like. If you want to go heavy on Water, then pick the ability Torrent from Swampert.
  • Going versatile is also another way to play it. Have moves that debilitate enemies and keep yourself sustained in battle.
    Choosing Poison Point as the ability is a nice choice. Pair it up with moves like Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and something like Sandstorm for more damage over time and a chance to inflict a status ailment.

9. Croflame

Crobat is one of the more polarizing Pokemon in the series. People love to have one but hate to fight one and along with Talonflame, which is one of the best Flying types, combining both can give you Croflame.

It is a Crobat with added elements from a Talonflame, but the sweet thing is that Croflame’s Poison/Flying type combination is an upgrade since Talonflame is quite weak against Rock-type attacks.,

This fused Pokemon excels in speed and while its attacks are fine, you’ll be using this to debilitate enemies.

Ideal Strategies

  • Ideally, you want this Pokemon to open up with status effects. moves like Will-O-Wisp to inflict Burn, Toxic for Poison, or Confuse Ray to inflict Confuse. Due to its Speed, it can attack first and cause status ailments on enemy Pokemon.
  • Try to build up your evasion as well with moves such as Double Team and with the aid of the ability Big Pecks, your defense won’t go down.
  • Finish off the enemies with Talonflame’s array of strong Fire moves like Flamethrower, Overheat, or Flare Blitz.

8. Krookiligatr

Let’s fuse a crocodile and an alligator to get Krookiligatr. Using Krookodile as the head and Feraligatr as the body, you get this Ground and Water type.

This fused Pokemon is impressive with having very high Attack stats. The speed isn’t bad but the defense is average and your goal when using this Pokemon is to dish out one-hit kill attacks.

The Ground-typing also helps with the Water-typing since you have access to Ground moves to deal damage to those pesky Electric types.

Ideal Strategies

  • We’re building this Krookiligatr as a physical attacker. Choosing the ability Moxie is the way to go since Moxie increases the Pokemon’s attack for every Pokemon defeated.
  • Choose physical moves like Earthquake, Dig, Gunk Shot, and Waterfall.
  • Having access to Ice and Dark-type moves isn’t such a bad idea as well. Teach this Pokemon Avalanche or Foul Play for more variety.

7. Chanras

We’re halfway through our list of the best Fusions for Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Here we have a fusion of Chansey as the head and Lapras as the body which is Chanras.

This Normal and Ice-type Pokemon excels at having strong Special Defense and HP. This one is perfect to have upfront in case you’re facing an enemy that has specialties in Special attacks.

This Pokemon does suffer from receiving more damage from Fighting-type attacks due to its Normal and Ice-typing nature.

Ideal Strategies

  • Choose the ability Shell Armor which protects Chanras from critical attacks. Teach it moves like Light Screen to further strengthen its Special Defense and Endure to allow it to survive strong attacks.
    Endure as well is a priority Move, so that gets cast first most of the time. Don’t forget about Leftovers. If you want to pump it up further, teach it Rest.
  • Combining both their arsenal is something you should do. Chansey can learn Fairy-type moves and Lapras has Ice-type moves.
    Choosing the ability Serene Grace is advantageous since it helps give the chance to land a status ailment.
    Go for moves like Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunder, and others that might spark a status ailment. Don’t forget about Lapras’ usual tide turning-moves like Perish Song and Confuse Ray.

6. Esckle

This weird-looking thing is a combination of Espeon as the head and Shuckle as the body. Eskle is a Psychic and Ground-type Pokemon.

We combine a strong attacker like Espeon and a strong defender like Shuckle to get this one. A fused Pokemon with high Defense, Special Defense, and Special Attack.

The Speed is a bit on the downside but the good thing is that Esckle can dish out damage and at the same time take as much damage.

Having the option to go for the Sturdy ability alone makes sure that it doesn’t get knocked out with one-hit kill Moves.

Ideal Strategies

  • If you want to go for a more offensive approach, use the common strong attacks coming from Espeon like Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Dazzling Gleam.
  • For a more defensive approach, utilizing Sturdy is a good idea. Pair it up with abilities like Safeguard, Endure, and Protect. The Leftovers trick also works to keep Esckle alive and kicking during the battles.

5. Torgre

If you want a tough and well-rounded fused Pokemon, then Torgre is for you. Torterra is used as the head and Kyogre is used as the body.

Coming out with a Grass and Water-type combination makes it good. It negates several of its weaknesses with this combo and the stats are also well-rounded.

It has impressive offense and defense with only the speed suffering from it all. Having two abilities to choose from such as Overgrow and Drizzle can determine your route for this Pokemon.

Ideal Strategies

  • Taking advantage of the Drizzle ability which makes it Rain at the start of the battle is advantageous. Use powerful Water-type moves like Surf, Waterfall, Hydro Pump, or even Waterfall.
    The Attack and Special Attack stats on Torgre are good enough for either of those moves.
    Rain also reduces Fire-type attacks, so the Torgre becomes more resistant. Even teach it Rain Dance if you want to make it Rain again in later turns.
  • Going with the Overgrow ability can be a good idea too. This ability makes Grass-type moves stronger when the Pokemon has critical health.
    Pair it up with moves like Solar Beam, Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, and Wood Hammer.
    Any of those Grass moves would work, and if you feel that you don’t want to die, go for Giga Drain at the last second.

4. Metaizard

This fusion of Metagross being the head and Charizard being the body is very good. It excels in dealing Special Attacks with good Attack stats as well as having high Speed.

A good Pokemon to deal high damage with a high chance of attacking first. Armed with strong Fire-type moves and Psychic moves coming from Metagross, this fusion is ideal for taking out Pokemon fast.

Its Defense and Special Defense aren’t that bad as well, but don’t be too reliant on it. Choosing Clear Body as its ability is good so that its stats will not go down.

Ideal Strategies

  • Go full offensive with this Pokemon with an array of moves. Start with some strong Fire-type moves like Fire Blast, Blast Burn, Overheat, and even Flare Blitz if you want to go the physical route.
  • Psychic moves are also available coming from Metagross, use moves like Zen Headbutt or Psychic.
    Other offensive moves coming from Metagross like Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, and Flash Cannon are ideal.

3. Rygar

We’re at the top 3 mark of our best fusions list and it is getting better from here. There really aren’t a lot of Dragon and Ghost types, but let’s add Rygar to the mix.

A fusion between Rayquaza as the head and Gengar as the body, this Pokemon comes out. Having a very high base of Special Attack, you would want this Pokemon to be armed to the brim with Special moves.

It also has decent Speed, so it can possibly attack first most of the time. The Dragon and Ghost-typing are also advantageous.

It is immune to Normal-types and the Dragon-typing makes it resistant to numerous types. Choosing Gengar’s Levitate ability also makes it immune to Ground moves.

You end up with a Pokemon that has a lot of resistance and the power to boot.

Ideal Strategies

  • You already have a wide pool of moves from both Pokemon that utilize the Special Attack attribute. You have moves like Shadow Ball, Psychic, Dark Pulse, and Draco Meteor.
  • If you want to go versatile, go for moves like Flamethrower, Thunder, Energy Ball, and Giga Drain for sustenance. Equip Choice Specs as well to boost Special Attack for a single Move.

2. Maitar

This fusion of Mawille as the head and Tyranitar as the body has a very high Attack stat.

A perfect Pokemon for dealing physical damage as well as being durable enough to withstand any attack from enemies.

Choosing the Intimidate ability also cuts the enemy’s attack, so it will receive less damage.

Ideal Strategies

  • This Pokemon excels with physical attacks, so go for the usual ones like Earthquake and Stone Edge which are moves coming from Tyranitar. Tyranitar’s move set also includes a variety of types.
    You can get different-type punches and fang moves.
  • Mawille’s addition to the mix brings forth moves from Fairy and Steel types. A few good ones are Play Rough and Flash Cannon, although the latter relies on Special Attack, this Pokemon is decent at it.

1. Deotwo

Number one on our best fusions list is Deotwo. It is a combination of Deoxys as the head and Mewtwo as the body.

Two powerful Legendary Psychic types are fused to make this Pokemon. It has a combination of the highest Special Attack and Attack stats available.

The Speed on this one is also very impressive. It does suffer from having low defensive stats, but it may not matter when you’re able to take out the enemy so fast.

One downside is that both have the Pressure ability, so you don’t have a choice except that one.

Ideal Strategies

  • Considering both are Psychic-type, use Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Future Sight if you time it right.
  • There are other versatile moves that both have access to such as Energy Ball, Ice Beam, Thunder, Fire Blast, and more. There are a ton of other moves to accommodate the high Special Attack stat.
  • Also, use Choice Specs if needed to further boost the damage of the moves that you have on Deowtwo.

In Closing

That concludes our list of the 15 best Fusions for Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Keep in mind that the game has over 176,000 Pokemon that are fused for you to choose from. If you know your stuff, then you might be able to come up with the best fusions for your needs.

The other thing is that you can also have a hard time acquiring some of the Pokemon that are needed for the fusions.

Legendaries and other specific Pokemon are hard to obtain. That adds to the fun factor of the game with the many combinations and fusions you can make.

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion: 15 Best Fusions In The Game | PokemonCoders (2024)


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