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Our story...

It all started a couple of days before winter break of 2021, everyone in our school was playing Shell Shockers with the newly discovered about:blank cloaking technique. I was obsessed with finding out how they did it. That's when I got the idea of making a game website. I thought to myself, there is potential in the Unblocked Games industry. So me and my best friend set out to make this website. By the end of winter break, our website had a base design, and around 20-30 pretty lame games. We had just gotten started, and we knew this. The only visitors of our website would be our friends. The foundation of our discord server was built from our fellow classmates, whom we owe the success of our website to. By the time February came around, our website was not doing so well. My best friend, and I were growing restless. That was until we had finally discovered the blank technique. 2 months later, we had finally done it! Our website had been blocked multiple times at that point, but we were not finished! Right before tragedy struck, we had most of our games in the buttons. Then one of our teachers, (I know, and you know who you are) caught me using my proxy. I ended up not being able to use Chromebook for another 3 weeks. This was tough on the website, but as we all know, karma is a real bitch. At that point it was probably March, a week or two after we released v2 (The current version), and our website started to take off. Not only our website, but the random proxy I created around 1-2 months earlier was getting hundreds, of thousands of views. There was one day I remember quite vividly, and I had overheard someone talking about playing shell shockers and all these other games, so I walked up to them and I asked them how they were playing the games. Like, they had no clue I made the website, it was so motivating for us. But the fact that people we did not even know, were talking about our website, was the best feeling in the world. The hours, and hours, we had spent building BGS were starting to pay off. At the end of March, our website was booming. The proxy mentioned before, recorded 1m+ website views in one month and continued to do so until early June. Before school ended, me and my friend got our Chromebooks taken away (2nd time for me, 1st for him), after they found proof we made the website. Even though it came to a quiet end, not what I was expecting, when school ended, and we left a legacy, a really damn good one too.

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Why Bigfoot's Game Shack?

I have been nicknamed bigfoot for a long time, and the reason I mostly started was because of Tyrone's Games Hack. So of course we made our name a tribute to our inspiration? Did you know, that in the first week of development, our website was named Bigfoot's EMAG Shack. It was supposed to be games backwards but we later realized it did not help with the blockers.

The future of Bigfoot's Game Shack

This message was written on July 6th, 2022.

We are around 75% done with our entirely new website (v3). This whole summer I have been learning html/css and I have gotten far. We are working on a better navigation system, where the user only has to visit one page to see all of our games. They click on the button and the game launches. This method is way more efficient than our current one on v2. On v2, the user has to click on a game category, the game, then launch the button. Our new method is way easier to add games to, so we can add games way faster. I expect that our website will take a while to get out to schools. If you are reading this, please send our website out to your friends, DM me on Discord for links if you need them ;).

For my friends, teachers, and anyone who knows me in real life...

To my computer science teacher from middle school. I know she may never hear this, but her classes served as the foundation of my future as a code developer. I can't thank her enough for the opportunities, and resources she gave me over the years. Out of all the teachers, in my opinion ran the best class during the pandemic. I hope that you inspire more people like me.

To my friends. I could not have made it here without all of you guys and your support through the whole process. Without you guys BGS would not be where it is today. I will never forget you guys.

Bigfoot's Game Shack - / (2024)


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